Frosh Slosh

Frosh Slosh is exactly what it sounds like, and a bit of what it doesn’t sound like.

Just like how a Foam Party sounds a bit like what it is, and a bit like something it really isn’t. (it isn’t a party where the main attraction is bubbles and foam)

Frosh, for those of you who don’t know, is a week-long (at least for UoO I know) event-filled week whereupon you party, participate in events, act like a complete duffus (doofus?), and sing silly (AWESOME!) songs about how great your department is with your department. (i.e, I’m in Arts, Lexy was in Engineering, and so on)

It also includes singing silly (AWESOME) songs about how people in other departments don’t get laid, have itsy bitsy manly bits, gross girly bits, and are, in general, not as awesome or cool as you and your department are…

Many of these songs are against Engineers (Friends don’t let friends sleep with engineers!), and Lexy has told me that yeah, it’s that way for most schools.

Her defence:

Engineering is where all the boys are at, and we have great parties.

Case and point.

But back to what I was saying:

Frosh slosh isn’t something that you will find on the web as far as I know, since I was mainly making up words that rhyme with “frosh” for the title, but it fits.

I have been sloshed upon so many times…

People dancing, with beers held high above their heads, don’t care about how gravity dumps that kind of issue on the shorter folk they just bumped into.

People who notice, while dancing, that they have a cup of water, and a crowd in front of them. Why flinging it seemed like a good idea, I have no clue.

The foam party, which I did not go to (DAMN YOU 8:30 CLASSES!), where there was a soap-bubble fountain, where one of my friends got pushed into… and admits to having the alarming thought that she’d die, drowning in bubbles…

And in general, people get pretty sloshed, and I get the sloshed people upon me many times…

I’m not full of myself, I AM the middle of the sloshed universe–everyone is drawn towards me.

50% is drag towards me, and then the ground.

I realize that university (especially first year it seems) is a time where you are free of parents and are therefore allows to dink yourself sick, but you don’t NEED to.

But it isn’t easy to get that across with Quebec and their 18-year-old age limit a short bus-ride away.

There have been 8 cases of alcohol poisoning (the kind that bring ppl to hospitals) in the last 2 weeks.

SMALL OMIGOD-YOU-DID-WHAT??? RANT_____Third day at university, and me and a couple of friends find a girl passed out on the round, nuzzling into the dirt. No on is around.

We called campus security, and as soon as we finished that, another url came, said she was a friend, and sat down beside the poor girl. And started fiddling with her cell phone.

Great friend.

She said that she called the campus security, but the guy on the line would have mentioned that when we called to reassure us.

She got offended when we said that we had already called.

I got offended that she’d get offended at us. She leaves her passed out friend alone for who knows how long (can you spell rape?), and gets offended that we call?

Friggin hell…_____END RANT


Yeah, the fire station’s really close to the campus, which is a good idea really… Lectures are punctuated by the sounds of sirens going down the street.

Very Peaceful.

Serene even.

Insert Sarcasm here.

Reviewing takes up two or so hours of my time, depending on which classes I have the next day (on Monday it’s up to 4 hours since I don’t have a practical class that day)…

Lots of fun 😀

I love University life, am having lots of fun, am making lots of friends, and even though sometimes I end up going to bed after midnight, am paying attention in classes.

Lexy, pass on the message please 😀


One thought on “Frosh Slosh

  1. lexy3587 says:

    … maybe I’ll pass the message on to the fam-jam. maybe i’ll just tell them that you’re being mean to me/people of the engineering persuasion. I’m sure that makes you some kind of ist… and it isn’t ‘race-ist’ or ‘art-ist’, either!
    glad to hear you’re having fun!

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