I’ve lost my drawers!

No, not lost underwear or anything, but My room in university has a distinct lack of drawers.

I’ve seen other dorm rooms, so I know that I’m not just complaining about something that everyone is complaining about.

I’m just complaining about what other people who have 4-room apartment residences are complaining about.

I have 2 drawers under my bed, a small 2 drawer hutch thing beside my desk, and that’s it for drawers.

I do not have any shelving.

I have one table, and it’s dangerously cluttered already.

I have all of my books in a box in a corner, with my class books on top.

Looking sad. Probably from lack of use, but also because I have them banished to a corner.

I only ever look at them in class, otherwise I rewrite my notes 😐

Poor books, I would say, if the cheapest book hadn’t been $50.

My art supplies were once with the books, but have since been put in a locker at my art building.

The rest of my storage is a closet-type thing, the kind you find in holes and motels that you only ever use to (maybe) hang up your coat, if you don’t hang it on a chair.

I am sad, and My shirts are still mostly in bins.

My only consolation is that at east I will have she kind of shelving thing soon, as my parents are bringing up some of the shelving and whatever furniture that Lexy had made use of in her University years.

I am mostly sad because I am, in general, a kind of messy person. If  don’t know where to put something, I pile it on the nearest flat surface, or put it into some other kind of storage-device thing to look through later. Here, that device thing would be bins, and that flat surface is the floor.

Clothes in bins**, books on floor.

**SOME clothes on floor.



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