Sweats are Sexy

It seems to me like sweat pants are in style now.

Many are reading this and going “Yeah, no duh.”

But I look at people wearing sweats like they;re a fashion trend and think that yeah, it IS.

You aren’t wearing sweats, you’re wearing tailored sweats.

You are wearing sweats that I would worry about working out in.

My sweats I get primarily from Hockey… the kind that has your number stitched on the hip, or the kind that has your team name printed along the bum. I also have a pair from Rangers, that say Rangers across the bum and has the MNR’s logo on the hip.

These are sweats.

They are warm, they are comfortable, they are something that I wear to the gym, they are something that I wear at home, they are something that I don’t pair with a tiny tight t-shirt, because I’m wearing these sweats because I’m cold, and a tiny tight t-shirt would be defeating the purpose of the sweats, as I would be cold.

My Ranger sweats are extremely comfortable, but I limit their use to winter, where my jacket would cover the fact that unless I roll the waist, the crotch of the pants goes to just above my knees.

Also in winter, no one cares except to look at them and think “Gee, those look warm.”

So, how about we all go for comfortable rather than chic and useless?

In any case, Everyone looks sexy in sweats šŸ˜€

Sweats are the winter banana-hammock of summer.

Or something like that.


One thought on “Sweats are Sexy

  1. lexy3587 says:

    sweatpants are to university students as water is to fish. šŸ˜›
    flannel pj bottoms will also surface in some of your classes, i guarantee it!

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