Kind of Weird, but like The Addams Family Weird. Huh.

Detektivbyrån is a band that I’ve heard of through my Dads favourite radio station, Radio Paradise. The first song by them that I’ve heard was E 18, and it’s still one of my favourite songs by them, and through the wonder of YouTube  other songs by them have been added to what I’ve been listening to while reading essays and looking at Arguments. (not quarrels, Arguments. You learn the difference in one of my classes).

Also through the wonders of YouTube, I’ve found a video where it shows a live performance by Detektivbyrån, and through it all I had the kind of reaction that means I’ve found something that I will likely never forget, will watch/read over and over again, and will obsessively try to get other people to read/watch so that I could have talks about this Thing That Is Awesome.

This Thing That is Awesome was one of the possible titles for this blog post.

Here is the video.

The reaction I had while watching this was a slight frown, nodding my head and smiling, and a constant interchange of thoughts that went along the lines of “Aah. This is good. Hm. This is good. Huh. Hmm…. Aah.”

All at once.

I don’t know how common a reaction to this video that is, but it’s something that occurred to me at the end of my third time watching it.

They made me think of The Addams Family, and not just because of the bald (very White) drummer, or the emo cut hair of the other two, or the enthusiasm and odd tiltings-of-head that they have going for them.

It was kind of a mix of all of that, along with the fact that they have some downright chipper music, that I think that the Addams’ would be able to dance the Mamushka to, but would also not be out-of-place being played at the Cirque Du Solei, or at any other kind of circus.

So they’re weird (Weird) but in an Addams Family way, and are awesome and Weird enough that I am trying to get more fans to their music so that people will comment and I can have conversations over the internet with them about how awesome they are.

There are so very few things that I’ve found that can be This thing That Is Awesome in the subcategory of In This Way. It’s been mostly in the Way of things that remind me in some Way of the Addams Family, or are actually connected to the Addams Family (buh dum dum dum, tch tch (or snap snap if you wanna get physical :D) buh dum dum dum, tch tch)

Buh dum dum dum, Buh dum dum dum,Buh dum dum dum, Tch Tch

One such thing that I suggest to for anyone who is a Harry Potter Fan and enjoys reading the ‘What if’ Harry Potter Alternate Universe stories, I would suggest you going onto and going to kyaru-chan’s page and reading her Harveste Addams series.

Harveste, my favourite, is the first, and you can read the others by clicking on her profile page. The summary does nothing for it, I think, but It’ll have you smiling and frowning and smiling again, and then reading it again, for all that it’ hardly a few pages long. (summary: He’s done it. He’s just five years old, but he’s finally done it. The Dursleys are gone. And now he’s with a new family who seems just as twisted as he is. How strange.)

It’s all smiley frownage up to and past the first ‘cara mia’ that’s spoken.

This post has inspired me to go find The Addams Family movies, and watch them. Now.

Buh dum dum dum, Tch Tch

Anyone else have anything that could fit into any This Thing That Is Awesome category? And what sort of sub-categories do you have?


6 thoughts on “Kind of Weird, but like The Addams Family Weird. Huh.

  1. […] Kind of Weird, but like The Addams Family Weird. Huh. […]

  2. says:

    There is a really great severus/harry crack fic. Where they are getting married, so harry visits the family. and harry starts speaking in italian. and then they have bdsm sex with torture devices….

    • Doodled93 says:

      hahaha 😀 That sounds hilarious 😀 Have to admit that I’m not too fond of the Sev/Harry fics, but if you know the title off hand, or even the link, let me know and I’ll check it out 😉

  3. pavlina says:

    nevim co se tu nekomu snaziz naznačit neumim anglicky doprve se to učim.

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