The Life of an Interesting Made-Up Character

I just read a book called


Worst Day Ever”

by Barry Lysa. He’s apparently also known for the story Fanboy and Gothgirl, something that I’ve heard of, but haven’t read.

I might read it now though.

The story is a blog of a Mutant in Xaviers school for the Gifted, and his supremely underwhelming mutant power.

I’m not going to tell you what his power is, as that would likely keep you from reading the book to find out as I did. check out the actual summary HERE, or check it out at the bottom of this blog.

While reading it, I had a similar thought as I had when watching the Julie & Julia movie.

With the J&J movie I wanted to read the blog and do something similar.

With this I wanted to do another blog, this time for a fictional character with some sort of power or problem.

I could do a girl dealing with having suddenly grown a tail, perhaps a monkey tail, or perhaps a boy who loves to swim but ha to quit his schools swimming team because he suddenly develops the ability to breath underwater and the chlorine bothers him.

Something like that.

Or I coud do one about a sibling of a mutant, talking about what it’s like being the sister/brother of someone who can set your hair on fire if they get upset enough.

So many thoughts run through my head about what I COULD do, but nothing quite seems like the best idea. Nothing seems as though I wouldn’t eventually abandon it.

It’s a very cool idea, even though I know that some people would make comments like “does this chick know that she can’t breath underwater?” and “This is soooooo stupid 😐 Why put this trash up here?” which is a bit of a barrier, but I feel as though this would be like making a book, or getting into the mindset of ONE character.

It’s interesting, as you would be able to get everything from only one perspective, as you get in the book I talked about, and it would be interesting if anyone actually became enough of a fan to draw pictures to be put in as well…

Of course, I also wish people would send me pictures anyway, because I love getting pictures 😀

The book was very interesting, and the mutant power is something that you can get your mind around how it might feel like to have it. It’s also written in such a way that says that yes, this might have actually been written by the character, and gives little insights into how Eric is actually feeling, from short blogs that tell of how he misses his mom, to the long blogs that show how much he likes Wolverine.

There’s just so much to it!

Here’s the summary 😀

Hi. My name is Eric Mattias and I have the world’s suckiest mutant power. If you don’t believe me, just read this book and you’ll find out for sure.

Wolverine: Worst Day Ever

I live at Xavier’s School for Gifted Students, which is like home base for the mutants of the world.  You’ve probably seen mutants on TV and learned about them in school, and you probably wish that you could go to school with a bunch of people who have awesome powers. Because you probably think you would get to hang out with the X-Men and fight evil mutants and do stuff like that, but guess what? You would be wrong! Instead, I have to go to school and I play on my computer and I’m alone a lot because — like I said before — I have a sucky mutant power.

So anyway, this book is sort of about my life as a mutant and it’s about my worst day ever. And Wolverine’s worst day ever, too. So read it. Or don’t. It’s up to you.

Very cool huh?

Tell me your thoughts, opinions?

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