Ghost Busters are in Art History

Here’s a link

To the right, there is a tiny picture, click on the middle of it.

it should pop up on the left side of the screen, click on that.

It should bring up another window. Zoom it in to the windows, you can just click on the top grey bit where it says 200%.

Do it, I’m serious.

You will see a ghost.

If you haven’t gone and clicked on the darn thing, I’m serious, you’re missing out on the hilarity of a tiny sperm ghost.

This is the picture called “master of flemalle” merode altarpiece, google it if you want, and in Art History class we’re looking at it right now.

That little ghost sperm is the symbolic whatever you wanna call it, for Mary getting impregnated by God, and by the little ghost holding a cross I laughed so hard at seeing it as literally the ‘holy ghost’…

Just wanted to share some art history fun 😀