The Cure for Insomnia KILLS ME!

I’ve been having really bad sleeping habits since I’ve come to university, and this is the second time that I’ve considered that I might be getting an odd insomnia… or else I’m actually well rested for someone in a radically different time zone.

I blame it on not having classes most days until after noon.

Not afternoon, After Noon. Like, 2:30, or 4, or 7pm.

I’m fairly used to staying up until midnight, and even past that… what I’m not used to is sleeping in after those times.

It means that  after those times, I feel well rested rather than tired and willing to go to bed early to make up for my long night.

This is me, staring at a wall before I actually fall asleep... or me when I ave bad sleeping patterns. This is just me.

See, the highschool way of life includes a parent, and at least for me, a parent who a lot of times was hard to get up (though, credit where it’s due, Mom was getting up on her own fine by grade 12) and who also gives me a ride to school.

It’s a 10 minute or so car drive. If I speed walk I can make it in 25-30 minutes. I take the ride.

Anyway, I can get up in those instances because I have a sense of needing to BE somewhere, and then there’s the fact that I’ll likely be tired enough at night to go to bed at 10 or so.

It is a rather good balance.

But not here, not when I don’t have classes in the morning except for on Fridays now. Not when I even have Tuesdays off entirely.

No, my body gets used to a sleeping schedule that would be useful if I lived in, say, Cuba perhaps.

So, as I did about a month and a bit ago, I stayed awake through the night, and now it’s nearly 5pm at night. Yesterday I woke up at 12:30.

I am exhausted.

But if I sleep now, I’ll wake up at about 5am and have to do this bloody awful technique again.

How does this work?

Well, if I stay awake until about 10 or so, maybe 10:30, then my usual staring-at-the-wall-for-an-hour pre-sleep tradition will have to be put aside, and I will be out before you can say “tired yet?”

Lexy has shown me a couple of good sleeping exercises, breathing exercises that help lull the mind into IT’S.TIME.TO.SLEEP.NOW state, but having been stupid and having gotten a Second Cup Egg Nog latte (that has caffeine in it, surprise surprise), last night I couldn’t sleep.

I had hot milk with some honey in it.

Nope. Not enough to counteract a small Egg Nog latte.

Why couldn’t I wait for my Egg Nog until December?

Oh, right, I don’t want to wait. Because I’m a self-hater apparently, to put myself through this again.

You have no clue how tired I am right now O.O

But back to the explanation, I’m out like a light, I set my alarm for 8, and then that means I have 10 hours of sleep and I wake up at a good time so that I actually get things done at times other than 3am in the morning.

I don’t think I’ll make it this time though…

I feel like taking a nap……………………..

It’s stupid to get to this point, I don’t suggest it to anyone, and I’ll likely take a short nap since my class (ONLY CLASS) tomorrow is at  4 and I can handle sleeping in to 11 or so.

To any and all who attempt this, do it on a weekend or something, or friday night…

And don’t listen to slow music.

I think that’s what broke me this time, as I’m going to post this and then go take a nap.


This wasn't drawn by me, but looks a lot like me, and has my sentiments exactly. I will eventually figure out my scanner 😐