My Sister the Barbarian

In training. Barbarian in training.

Like a BOSS!

If you’ve read anything from my sister Lexy lately you will know that she wrote a hilarious post about my younger years during Christmas (here).

It’s awesome that she wrote that, and it doesn’t seem very nice for my next post to be about how she’s a barbarian… but, well, have you read her other posts?

Specifically the one where she tries to get Gwynn in touch with his inner sheep dog (success for dog… for Lexy’s inner sheep herder… well… ) (sheep here), or when she goes to an archery class and makes friends with a witty old man teacher (no beard, despite tradition)? (arrows here)

Well, she recently informed me (spoiler for one of her next posts XD ) that the same place that offers the archery classes ALSO offers axe throwing.

Lexy would, of course, be wearing something more weather appropriate 🙂

Axe throwing.

How awesome is that???

I approve… except for the part that I’m too far away distance wise to be able to easily go WITH her 😦

And while each of these things are awesome in their own right, together….

They’re training for being a barbarian.

My sister the Barbarian…

Likes long walks in the park, doing yoga, delicious food… and can herd your sheep AND defend them via archery and axe throwing.

She’s just about ready to join The Horde.

I’m sure that she will eventually get our puffball of a dog into the barbarian spirit, perhaps even get him a viking doggie hat/collar and buff him up so that she can ride him into battle, herding her enemies (Lexy, I know you’re thinking of Crazy Pants) into a position where she could then throw an axe or shoot an arrow at them…

*insert Xena battle cry*

I’m sure she’d soon going to be learning swordplay as well.

Minus the bare belly (and sides of legs), this would be closer to how Lexy Barbarian would dress

She would also learn to use some big-ass sword.

Once she’s in with The Horde, they will start on the Pillaging 101 classes, and once she’s close, she will be introducing the other vikings and barbarians how to teach their savage beast animals to sit, roll over, and flop on the ground (‘Dead’) when you point your fingers at them and say “BANG!”

All this while helping to keep track of the sheep.

The sheep would also be dressed to be barbarians.. *insert Baaaaatle cry*

One thought on “My Sister the Barbarian

  1. […] all my recent activity is leading to one clear objective – to join the barbarian horde.  Or so my sister seems to think.  She might just be jealous that all this stuff is happening oh-so far from Ottawa. […]

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