Sleepy Ponderings

Today I was woken up at about 5 am because of a wrong number.

The guy called again at around 5:30am.

I couldn’t get back to sleep. It is now 8:43pm and I haven’t had a nap, because otherwise my carefully cultivated sleeping schedule will go out of whack even before I get it entirely in line.

Something I’ve noticed the past hour or so is that when you’re tired you breath much more heavily. Like you’re sighing every other breath. After like 3 seconds.

But not.

And you breath very evenly as well.

I don’t understand this.

This is weird.

I want to call the guy who called me at 5am and ask him, in as angry a voice as I can get to, why he was calling anyone at 5am.



And why did he call again at 5:30?

Why did he do this, and have me drowsy hardly a few hours into the afternoon? Why am I still thinking about my hard, even breathing? Am I trying to simulate sleep?



With closed mouth.

I wish he could get eaten by a tree or something.

Nom Nom Nom... I Shall EAT You 5am Man! Blargh! Fear My Nom-ing Capabilities!

Oh, and you are now manually breathing. Just thought you should know.

So there’s a post on tiredness. It’s now 8:52, and I have less than an hour left before I feel safe going to bed and not waking up at 6.

Also, that’s a kickass picture of a tree. Your welcome for putting effort into finding that.

Someone answer why I breath like this while sleepy. I feel like I’m pausing 3 seconds between every breath because it needs to be so.


P.S. points to anyone who noticed the artistic balance in the pictures I used, and comments about it. Will draw a picture for you and post it on here if you do. post request with guess

That is all.

4 thoughts on “Sleepy Ponderings

  1. wartica says:

    I had sleep issues – for the longest time; it switched when I started keeping a more, regular sleeping schedule.Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

    • Doodled93 says:

      Sleep issues suck. I’m trying my best to get into a regular sleeping pattern, but I feel like I’m slowly killing myself, and my body is pretending to have trouble breathing by making me force out a put-upon sigh every time I breath… And I’m not the one in my family with sleep-apnia πŸ˜‰
      I blame my sleeping issues to being a student though. It’s just so easy to take an unneeded nap when you’re bored of working, and possibly sleep through your next class (happened once) 😦 BREATHING! WHY do you make me focus on you???
      Thanks for commenting :D… :0 :O :0 *yawn* πŸ˜‰

  2. lexy3587 says:

    I know someone who had someone keep wrong-numbering her over and over and over, until she could recognise the number. She asked them to write down this number and never call it again, but they kept mistakenly calling her. So the next time they called, she picked up the phone and screamed, really loudly. They didn’t call again.
    hope you’re better rested this morning πŸ™‚

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