BBC Sherlock and Pink Foam: Updates.

Because I’m tired of adding little frustrated EDIT notes (with increasing amounts of ‘*’ symbols) to the bottom of my BBC Sherlock Post I’m instead going to mention that I still haven’t watched the third episode of the second season yet. No Spoilers, by the way, in anything. Mostly frustration. And fangirl-ing. Click the link. Just do it.

I am totally unprepared for it to be over for another 10-12 months, and have been and probably will continue to put it off until I literally cannot take it anymore.

This will probably happen after reading much too much BBC Sherlock fanfiction and being taunted by information that has already been spoiled for me, but that I haven’t seen yet.


Also, for those who read my post about Revenge on my Sasquatch roommate via Pink Foam, I mentioned that bit of unintended deviousness with an earring, and I saw it.

The earring I mean.

I didn’t see his reaction to the pink foam on the shower walls, no.

It was there, the backing with the part that would poke through your ear, sitting on the bathroom floor like a miniature, reusable, near-invisible land mine and because I was feeling vicious, I left it there.

I feel it was warranted, as there was, and still is, a strange substance that is now on the outside door of the bathroom. It’s oily and not exactly dripping, and it could be dried soap, but it feels gross enough for me to be grossed out every time I actually use the doorknob instead of pushing the door itself to get into the bathroom.

Every time I went into the bathroom, I stepped around it, I made sure it hadn’t moved from its position of right in front of the door, and continued on my way.

I have no clue if he stepped on it earlier, but then lost it in the ensuing painful confusion, but I know that he’s had some kind of confrontation with it since yesterday, since When doing my business I noticed it had moved from in front of the door to in front of the shower door.

But again, no clue if it was a having stepped on it confrontation, or maybe having kicked it confrontation, or even a confrontation that was clothing being set down and moving the earring that way.

But even if it was a stepping on situation, I think he wouldn’t be able to find the earring again afterwards.

Men, I imagine, don’t get the same chance to sit back and observe the bathroom from the same perspective as women do when doing business.

I don’t think that The Sasquatch (and another reason for the name is for his height!) would have noticed this:

The Floor. The Earring.

So there you have it.

I freely admit that I’m not going about things in a mature fashion.

I never claimed I was mature.

I will take the small victories when I can, even if they’re imagined.

Also, Lexy, Know that I think of your inability to take revenges such as these against CrazyPants when victory cometh, and feel free to share with Anna my bits of childishness.

I’m sure she could top this, but that was never in question ๐Ÿ˜›

2 thoughts on “BBC Sherlock and Pink Foam: Updates.

  1. lexy3587 says:

    lol, disapointing that he didn’t ask you to ‘try and remember to rinse off the shower when you’re done with it’, so that you could be like, “why? you don’t”, and then he’d get his shit together and start rinsing the fur away.

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