Video Vendredi – Lost Your Reading

I’m not great at speaking french, and am better at understanding it than speaking it if that makes any sense, But Lexy has Wordless Wednesdays and now I’m having this 😛

Video Vendredi will have videos I think are amusing/amazing, have been suggested to me by friends, and occasionally will be very ‘what the hell?’ worthy.

Today, it is something that has been rated the best animated short 😀



2 thoughts on “Video Vendredi – Lost Your Reading

  1. katcasey says:

    This film was such a great idea and full of details. I loved the humpty dumpty book and how it changed facial expressions by flipping the pages back and forth.

    • Doodled93 says:

      I liked the Humpty idea as well 😛 It was easily recognizable (as opposed to if they’d gone for the crooked man who lived in a crooked house that was on a crooked street etc…), and could draw you into the short easily 😛
      Has such a neat message behind it as well, and as a writer (not a published one, no) I like the message that you should write and keep on writing even if your other works get lost 😛

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