Hiccup! Another Thought.

Hiccups are irritating for a number of reasons.

You can’t ignore them. You just can’t.

They interrupt you. Constantly.

Sometimes it hurts.

It’s very hard to do anything when you have them.

They are worse than sneezing.

You sound ridiculous if you are caught hiccuping with your mouth open.

The thing that bugs me the most about hiccups though, is that they are useless. Unlike a sneeze, or shivering, or a cough, or pretty much anything else that your body can force you to do without your consent, hiccups do NOTHING. Yawns are more useful than Hiccups.

A hiccup is your Diaphragm convulsing. That is all.

It doesn’t help you stay awake, it doesn’t remove an irritant, it doesn’t regulate your temperature, it isn’t even an indicator of anything wrong with your body, like a sickness or something.

Hiccups are USELESS!

And I have them.

They suck.

Hiccup doesn't suck, no, but having Hiccups does.


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