Musical Monday – SHINee Sherlock

Because I feel like a lot of Video Vendredi would otherwise turn into a lot of music videos, I’m going to try to restrict that to Musical Mondays šŸ˜€

I realize that last Friday’s video included music, but it wasn’t a band, and it wasn’t specifically a music video.

So This category will be for random songs I like (maybe am in a funk and keep listening to the song), videos I think are fun, interesting, funny, etc… and in general This is my way of pushing my varied taste in music to the world.

If anyone has any suggestions, or personal likes, or maybe a band that they think is cool but not that many people like them or know of them, comment šŸ˜€

For today, Here is A mix of two enthusiastic posts from the past mixed, as well as a bit of something for dog owners and noticing things.

For my post on SHINee (and kpop), click HERE, for my post on Sherlock, click HERE (and here for the follow up), and check out my Video Vendredi and future Musical Mondays! Isn’t Alliteration fun?!

For dog owners: Am I the only one who noticed the dog wasn’t fixed in the first time I watched this? Lexy?

For everyone else: Did you re watch this to check?

For absolutely everyone did you notice:

iWatson on the computer at the end?

Ridiculously long hair? (at 1:00)

How hilarious that walk is at 1:32?

How awesome Taemin is at 2:53 and 3:01??? I love him in a Top Hat šŸ˜€

Hope you enjoyed the dancing and music, this is a video from their new album (2012) called Sherlock… this of course means I have been fangirl-ing all over this to an epic degree…

Lexy, hope you enjoy yet another bit of annoyingness šŸ˜€

BONUS: Watch only the dancing HERE

2 thoughts on “Musical Monday – SHINee Sherlock

  1. lexy3587 says:

    lol… “most beautiful girl and jewelery”… what an intriguing newspaper article title!
    yes, I did notice th dog… hard not to, when his hair is so short.
    Why is that boy wearing what appears to be a schoolgirl skirt over his pants? a really short one?
    I want to dance like in a boyband… we should do a flashmob of a shinee video somewhere…

    • Doodled93 says:

      XD That would require having a sense of rhythm AND movement… at the same time…
      The skirt thing, I don’t know, but a lot of videos take advantage of him looking fairly feminine to give him (more) feminine clothing…
      And you say ‘hard not to’ but when I mentioned it to a friend, she was like “WHAT? You looked at that? Wait, let me see…” so apparently it isn’t obvious…
      Also, how awesome would it be to have a dog named Gladstone? XD

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