Aren’t They Supposed to be Smaller?

So we recently got a new computer.

Home computer, not laptop, and one specifically for gaming, since games nowadays seem to need more graphics and more room for you to actually play it.

It’s amazing right now, I’ve played a ton of Skyrim (at the request of my MOM… she wanted to make sure it could handle it, since it kept blue-screening when we were trying to upload all the software and programs on it, but we had some problems when we were first setting it up.

First of all, there was the Untangling of Chords.

This is a mighty feat for any mortal, but it’s especially hard when you realize that there were a couple of chords in there that weren’t plugged to anything, and didn’t need to be there in the first place.

Then there was the question of where to put the damn thing.

Because one might think that, with the way things are going now, that a brand spanking new computer would be a smaller, sleeker model?


I was worried that this extreme size difference was compensating for something.

As far as I can tell right now, it’s not.

(PS for all people looking into gaming computers, or are interested in what kind this is, it’s an iBUYPOWER, Phantom 410 mid-tower computer case. You can see into the computer from the side.)

But the space in our desk that was designed to hold onto the monitor was much too small.

So we put a subwoofer there, and are currently out having the ridiculous thing ON the desk, next to the Monitor.

And speaking of…

We also got a brand spanking new monitor, after a bit of a hassle when we couldn’t figure out why the computer wasn’t working and assumed it must be because this big new computer didn’t wnat to work with our pretty small old monitor. We also have a set up so that we can watch things from the computer on the TV, and we thought maybe this big-shot computer was saying “I will only work with a screen big enough to hold my glorious attention! AHA! This Huge screen is perfect!”.

Long story short, we had to get an adaptor. because it wasn’t the screen it was having an issue with.

It was the plugs.

But what that amounted to was a whole bunch of me plugging, unplugging, plugging, unplugging, and replugging in a lot of things, and generally getting pretty fed up with technology in general.

And then, the next day (after work, after going bowling with friends), I was then expected to do it all over again…

This included untangling the cables.


Because there’s a rule about computer cables, something like ‘Thou Shalt Not Stay Untangled When Thine Opportunity Arises So”, with a subset of a lesson like “Thou Shalt Teacheth These Mere Mortals That Life Doth Sucketh Much, And Nothing Shall Stay ‘Straight and Narrow’ When Given The Opportunity To Turn Into A Tangled Mess Of AGH UIEIHDHGSFFAAAAHHHHHKKKKK!” (and then it degenerates from there)

But aside form now having to move files from Ye Olden Computer to this Behemoth (Which I have now decided shall be the name of this Beast), things are looking pretty good.

This computer has a lot of good reviews on it as well, so definitely check it out if you’re in the market. It’s isn’t JUST a gaming computer you know 🙂

Behemoth in its Natural Habitat.
AKA The Temporary Final Setup

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