Dear Hotmail Outlook…

Dear Hotmail. You suck for changing everything to Outlook. 

It’s ugly and I hate it. 

If I had known that closing my e-mail and reopening it mere moments later to have it changed to Outlook, I would have kept it up forever. 

You suck. 

.. This is me being unhappy with changes as abrupt as this, like when the TARDIS turned into a sci-fi terminal from a mish-mash of organic everything. 

I dislike this more than I dislike the huge change from THIS to THIS

I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but for now it looks boring and ugly and I DIDN’T CHOOSE THIS!

Sincerely, me. (And probably others)

P.S. You suck for making it so that we can’t respond to your “By the way we’re changing everything neener-neener thhhhhbbbt” message. You’re smart because you’d be getting a bunch of complaints (I dare you to look up “How to change back from Outlook” ), but… You just suck.