Just Write Month–July

So though I don’t mention it much, I participate in NaNoWriMo..

National Novel Writing Month.

The idea is to write 50,000 words within one month, 30 days, and is usually held in November… Link above to go to the official site.

Anyway, I’ve participated for a couple of years, winning twice, half winning once when I set a personal goal of 25k (grade 12 was a bitch), and enjoyed it every time.

It’s a bit of a panicky, adrenalin filled, internally¬†competitive, abusive relationship with yourself for the month. See, if you can work with a schedule,and know how to reach each goal, you can easily keep up with the approximate 1667 word/day you’ll need to finish 50k in one month. 1667 words a day isn’t terribly difficult, however….

Wait, why am I using the word ‘however’?

Well, look at it this way.

You easily write the 1667 words, and think, hey, I can totally write more.

So you do.

And then you think, hmm, perhaps this won’t be so hard. I mean, you wrote so much more than the required amount…

And maybe you’ll keep up with the 1667 words per day, reaching milestone after milestone… until you can’t quite get to writing one day.

At this point, you may be ahead of schedule–hell, if you’ve managed more than 1667 words, you’re more than likely ahead. So you aren’t terribly worried about missing a day or two.

Until you do, and then you’re panicking a bit.

Because how the hell did you get so far behind!?!

Okay, calm down, there’s no need for these panicky feeling… because you can do this. You can catch up. You can do this.¬†

Only the bit of panic is making ou try to rush, and rushing your writing will back you into a corner and then… writers block.

Only you can totally still do it!

You just might have to beat yourself up a bit to do it.

See? Panicky, competitive, abusive…

And then the people of NaNo decided to introduce Camp Nano. April and July are the challenge, two shifts for summer. Can you do it? Can you take up the challenge?

Well, I think I can.


Thing is, I have no idea what to write…. so this July is going to be my Just Write Month.

No plans for a full novel, no plans for any sort stories… this is going to be my just-write-a-thon for fanfiction. Most likely.

I have a plot thought out for November, so that’s good, but I have so much going on fanfction-wise that this upcoming months should be good…

I have new documents set up for each story, so that my word count doesn’t egt messed up, and everything I’ve already written beside highlighted blue, so I’m all set.

Prepare for insanity.



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