About Me

There are many things about me, and not all of it will be in this little blurb. I’m into arts of all kinds; I’m in multiple Visual Arts Programs, I like LISTENING to music, both vocal and instrumental, and in most all genre’s, and most people who know me agree that I can be pretty darn dramatic. I also like plays :D. I’m pretty OCD with anime, even if I’m not that great at drawing it, and am a total dork and write fanfiction. Other witing endavours include ScriptFrenzy, NaNoWriMo, and FAWM, of which I have succeeded each once, with a .5 version of NaNoWriMo in 2010 due to my class workload. This blog will mainly be issues and situations (hopefully amusing ones) that I find myself in, along with links to things that I find funny 😀
A lot of it will be comic humour I’m sure 😀
So yeah, read it or not, it’ll still be posted ;3

6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. obscenecupcake@yahoo.com says:

    hey do yu have any fanfiction recs for harry potter? or harry potter adams family crossover. Already read Harveste, thanks to you

    slash preferred >_< LONG stories preferred

  2. obscenecupcake@yahoo.com says:

    Oh gosh! I forgot about that list.

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