Musical Mondays–The Hobbit

For a fuller experience, open a new window and go to rainymood.comΒ while watching this πŸ™‚

Having recently watched the Hobbit, my mind is just that blown, and from the comments I found the amazing site I linked above!

(I love listening to rain, seriously, it gives me this light bubbly feeling just behind my ribs, it’s insane and I love it)

Check out Peter Hollins and Jun Sung Ahn for more

Hope this made your Monday!

Musical Mondays – Butterfly Boucher

Suggested to me by a friend.

It was described as “Catchy and entertaining”

I find myself agreeing πŸ˜€

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday πŸ™‚

By the way, I was tempted to post this as a Video Vendredi because of the cool video πŸ˜› What restraint I have, hmm?

Musical Mondays – Peter Hollens A Capella

I really want to play Skyrim.

Like, really really, it’s so cool!

I had this desire renewed from it’s lull after watching another Lindsey Stirling video, but the video was also by Peter Hollens (who is By the by, AMAZING and does a capella), and his stuff was introduced to me as well.

So here is the Skyrim video that I have been listening to so much of lately.

This is just full of amazing, and I hope you check out Peter Hollens and Lindsey Stirling, and HERE is a link to one of Peter Hollens Music videos. (Somebody that I used to know)

Hope you all enjoy! Have a nice Easter Monday, and My apologies for this coming out so late. I was just sending off my family from visiting me this long weekend.

Musical Mondays – Lindsey Stirling Violinist

Hope your Monday is better than you think it’ll be!

Also see her song TRANSCENDENCE for more coolness. All of hr songs are amazing πŸ˜€

Also her song Crystallize for one of the coolest looking places I’ve seen!