Video Vendredi–Johnny Bravo/Jenny Brava

Anyone remember this show? Anyone remember this episode?

I used to love this, and I didn’t even catch this message when it came out…

Miss this show, and I miss these sorts of messages 🙂

Happy Friday people!

Video Vendredi–Phantom of the Floppera

I was looking at this after reminiscing on how many half-done writing projects are probably lost on some old floppy disk, and they brought me to this video…

It’s pretty amazing.

I didn’t even know you could do something like this.

So, as a blast from the past, here’s the Phantom of the Floppera.

Does anyone remember when you could save or destroy the words through a floppy disk? So many cartoons and shows that I look back on now and end up smirking a bit…

It’s like when I believed in the possibility of turning off the internet >_< Oh silly, silly, naive younger me…

Happy Friday 🙂 Haven’t done one of these in a while… Maybe should have done this for Monday… hmm…

Video Vendredi– Think Creatively

So, a friend suggested this to me, and I watched it…

And then things went wrong.

I laughed, and smiled… and then the smile eventually went away.

Not a scary video, just a very strange one.

I thought it was for kids, and then… well.

Just watch it.