Favourite Links

Hey, these are my favourite links, mainly to comics, but these are where I go to when I want a good laugh.


Girls With Slingshots: Met the artist at TCAF, she was really nice and so I checked out her comic–hilarious and has amazing characters

Revenge of the Sue: Sequel to Ensign Sue Must Die. Now also featuring Marvel, DC comics, Sherlock, The Doctor, and MORE!

Ensign Sue Must Die: COMPLETE. Look up Mary Sue, and wonder what would happen if they were actually in a series like Star Trek…

Mr. Lovenstein = Random comics, some stick figured, most witha  strange sort of humour 😀

LoadingArtist = Cute comic with detailed stick figures and great one-line humour 🙂

Gamer Cat = Just like the title, it’s a gamer cat. It plays games and points out inconsistencies and silliness. Also shows the difficulty of playing games as a cat.

Sister Claire = About a nun who, after a prayer to find her purpose, becomes pregnant wit the next messiah. She’s informed of this by the blue businesswoman who bursts from her toilet, and hijinks ensues.

Scandinavia and the World (humon) = kind of like Hetalia, in the fact that all fo the countries are personified. Main characters are Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, and their interactions with the other countries… I’ve learned more about history in this than I did in grade 10 History…

Romantically Apocalyptic = WWIII comes and goes, and the Captain and his buddy are just about the only ones left… so lets talk with some dead people? Hmm? Or perhaps find a non-radioactive straw so we can see a movie perhaps? Oh look, an alien…

So… You’re a Cartoonist? = comics done by a published cartoonist, about everyday things in his life. All really funny, and has been giving tidbits of info about what publishers are looking for… Bwahahaa…

Two Lumps = Eben (Ebenezer) and Snooch, two cats, their lives… Yay for puns!


Humon Comics = artist of Niels, Satw, and all of her other pieces… she updates this one more than the Niels website, but you get the whole story at Niels…

Niels Comics (humon) = A Scandinavia Mafioso and his black Married couple lovers, the cop that was after him that he’s now after, a confused Agent 300, and lots and lots of humour.

Jacob and Nini (humon) = Some mature jokes, about an Indian shape-shifter demon and a Kappa and their relationship as well as other mythological figures. Also called Manala Next Door. Very cute

Butersafe = full of puns and extreme (and not extreme) stick people, along with Robot Cat and Veiny Dog

Sandra and Woo = The adventures of Sandra and her pet raccoon Woo, with her friends, one of whom is a pyromaniac and the other was named Cloud and raised like a ninja.

Safe Haven = A supremely gifted girl turns her dog into a human, has a band with her oddball friends, and this is all about that life, inserting humour, oddness, and a super-dose of awesomeness!

Doctor Cat = This is a comic of a doctor who is a cat… he’s sooo cuuute!

Catghost = From the maker of Doctor Cat, but not limited to Doctor Cat

Boumeries = Random comics from this lady, filled with odd dreams and observations, as well as some trips to Toronto 😀 She thought that the 4 streets between Yonge and High park would be an easy walk XD

The not-so Epic Adventires of TJ and Amal = some M rated stuff, but funny story on it’s own too 😀 Road trip with two strangers 😀

Dovecote Crest = civil war reenactment webcomic. Yay for their history-nerdly love!

IDK = Poor puzzle pieces… Punny and sometimes morbid cartoon humour 😀

Ctrl+Alt+Del = Gaming comic. Lovely bits and pieces of nerdliness is included 😀

Sinfest = funny comic about characters interacting with the devil and with God.

Cat vs Human = about a cat lover and things that happen with her cats and puppy 😀

Hot Mess = girl who has multiple thoughts on things, and they materialize like animals. kind of like my Insane and sane sides, but MORE of them 😀

Paraabnormal the comic = random small comics with a slightly darker side to them. Halloween-ey to boot.

John Watson’s Blog = BBC’s Sherlock related, the Blog of John Watson 😛 Pretty funny, also gives links to Sherlocks blog, but I don’t think that one will be updated again de to the very last message on it.

Mel’s drawings = Tumblr, but I like his drawings and I like his Sherlock fanboy-ness 😛

Milk for Dead Hamsters = Short, unrelated comic strips 😀 Funny

Starfighter Comic= An 18+ rated comic, slash, mecha, and a number of other genres. Very good so far 🙂

Brental Floss = Funny situations with Brentalfloss, a guy who writes lyrics for game tunes 😀

I’m My Own Mascot = Similar to the above, it’s a cartoonists’ life and thoughts in cartoon.

Realm of the Light = Not sure quite yet, but it looks good!

The Demon’s Realm = Same as above! Also on Hiatus!

Beast Hunt = Same as aboooove, with sword fighting

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