My Links

Here are links to my things, other sites that I have posted thing in. All links open in new windows ~ I have posted things for Naruto, Harry Potter, Death Note, and Eyeshield 21

Deviantart ~ Pictures of mine, art of mine, projects of mine, all art by me.

Wattpad – Stories (non fanfiction) by me. One story by Emma/Peanut posted here (Gorgon Sisters) ~ One story by me, in chapter form. May be easier to read than on wattpad, if you don’t want to read all in one go

YouTube ~ I got the account so that I could put my videos up on my blog, so if you want to see everything, go here. There is a playlist that Has all the videos of mine that I posted on this blog 😀

NaNoWriMo ~ Add me as a friend! for info if you don’t know what it is, and I hope you participate! Whatever region you are in!

Archive of our Own (Ao3) ~ Check out this site in general, it’s awesome and has more options in regards to tagging and rating things, so much easier to narrow down what you’d like to find a story about.

That is all, I think, for now. I also have an account on, but unless you’re interested in what music I like… I dunno. Look me up there as ‘moored005’

OTHERWISE I am always known as Doodled93. Look me up 😀

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