Easter Disbelief

I don’t know how it is for other families, but mine never seemed to try to convince me about the Easter Bunny.

I believed in Santa Clause, yes, but the parents seemed to try with that one, and succeeded, but trying to convince me that the Easter bunny was real…

The baskets with chocolate happened, appearing in the living room in the morning, but I remember finding the stash of chocolate to go into those baskets before.

Easter was a belief that walked hand in hand with the Tooth Fairy.

I would, when I lost a tooth, go up to Mom or Dad and present them with the tooth so that they could make sure that the money would happen.

If it was from them giving it to a fairy, I didn’t much care, but I wanted the money so I could either put it in my piggy bank or so I could buy pixie sticks or something.

I’m fairly certain that when hiding the plastic eggs that they had filled with chocolate, it was more for the game or it.

It wasn’t like having a number of gifts labeled “From Santa”, no, it was more like a way to earn the chocolate that would be split between me and my sisters, and then rationed throughout the next month to last.

It was a chance for Mom and Dad to sit back and have us search in ‘turns’ for an egg, yet another holiday that meant we were barred from the living room, it was a holiday that was sort of like Halloween except that you got the day off school and you didn’t have to walk for candy.

It was magical, for sure, and it still is now even when it’s going on about whose ‘turn’ it is to be the Easter Bunny in the house.

That meant that you were the one who went to Bulk Barn for the loot.

Quite possibly it was the overused picture of the cartoonized bunny hiding eggs in a field that made belief impossible. Our eggs were hidden in our living room. I never found eggs outside.

But, my rambling about a holiday with a magical being in it that we weren’t forced/cajoled into believing in aside, I want to know if anyone else had this?

Did anyone else joke like you’re actually 20 years older than your 7 year old self about the Easter Bunny having come?

Do you (if you’re a parent) try your best to feed this belief that a rabbit deposits chocolate for you once a year?

Just me being curious.

Oh, and Happy Easter 😀

P.S. Lexy, I think we have bunny ears from an old Halloween costume somewhere...

Lisa is a Buddhist!

I am not religious.

I like the Addams' philosophy a bit better... Accept the Unconventional as matter of course.

I am not Religious

I am not ReLigiOuS.

At all.

BUT, that doesn’t mean I’m not open to the ideas in religions, as many Religious people are.

I am Agnostic.

ag·nos·tic/agˈnästik/   Noun: A person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God. (or, someone who is open to other beliefs and is not actively for or against any belief system

At some point I had the idea that I was Atheist, because I didn’t necessarily believe in God, but was open to the idea, but was informed by my family that no, that means that I’m Agnostic.

I asked if it was contagious.

Agnosticism sounds like a disease, or some sort of ailment, or perhaps some sort of mangled word that’s the result of a sneeze, and I’ve explained what being Agnostic means to several people over the years, and in the way that comes about from explaining something a couple of dozen times, I feel I know a lot more about my beliefs. This doesn’t mean that I like explaining them to people who want to know what it is so they can convince me that their ‘-ism’ is better than my ‘-ism’, and I will go to some sort of Hell if I don’t Change My Ways, and, in fact, I like the people who respond to me saying I’m Agnostic (though why so many conversations turn to who practices what religion, I don’t know) by saying “Bless you” or “Gesundheit” better than the people who recognize it by the fact that it isn’t their ‘-ism’.

I’ve heard a number of reactions and thoughts about Agnostics, and while I don’t agree with all of them, I find it interesting in the same way that I find it interesting to hear about other beliefs and belief systems.

Agnostics are

  • People who don’t want to commit to one religion.
  • People who are too lazy to go to church.
  • Sinners
  • Smart enough to wait until one religion is finally proven, and not be one of the other millions of n00bs who have to actively change their belief system.
  • Indecisive.
  • Aliens

Again, I don’t believe in all of them, but it’s interesting to hear it.

I also enjoy hearing about why people believe in their beliefs, even if some of the answers are rather similar. I don’t particularly like it when I hear about how their parents were ___ so they grew up being ___. I also don’t like the people who believe what they believe because a book told them so.

I think that religions should be more about believing in a morality. I can respect the Ten Commandments, and also believe that homosexual relationships are acceptable, and I can believe in not being overly judgemental over people as Jesus and a number of other religious figures would tell you (isn’t it funny that Christianity says all love is great, so long as it isn’t for someone of the same gender? And so many people judge people of different religions? Hah!), and also admit that being truthful is the way to go but being truthful wouldn’t have let me pass my Grade 12 Religion class.

Then again, none of the questions had an option like “Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, and Christianity doesn’t believe in Zombies” or something like that 😀

One thing I REALLY like about being Agnostic, is that I don’t have to put up with a lot of the Must Beliefs.

I do not have to Believe that it was a woman who created the original Sin.

I don’t have to believe that homosexuality is a Sin. (*2)

I don’t have to believe that I have a billion of other lives to live after I die until I’m good enough for Nirvana.

I don’t have to believe that I’m constantly being judged by a higher power (God), or by someone else who is much easier to get to and say “F*ck off”

I don’t have to try to get other people to believe in the things that I believe in, in an attempt to help them Change Their Ways and Save Them.

I don’t have to believe on either Heaven OR Hell.

I don’t have to feel guilty believing that my Dog has a soul.(*1 at bottom)

There are so many things that I don’t HAVE to do that I sometimes wonder if that belief that Agnostics are lazy is true. It IS rather tiring to have to constantly judge myself as not good enough, and judge everyone else as worse all the time.

Lisa Simpson, the person who taught most of us all we know about Buddhism

Lisa Simpson decided that she would be Buddhist, because Buddhism reached out to her in her search for a Religion, and she managed to get her parents to support her by the fact that she was firm in her beliefs and because she explained that Buddhism allows other religions into it’s beliefs. If I had to choose a religion to take part in, I would probably also choose Buddhism, because I haven’t yet heard about how Buddhists were burning the books of a certain religion to prove a point, haven heard of how a bunch of Buddhists bombed a plane, haven’t heard about how Buddhists started a racist club that promoted actions against blacks (KKK), haven’t yet heard about how a misguided son was sent to a Buddhist Priest to see if that gay problem of his couldn’t be fixed, and haven’t heard about Buddhism REQUIRING, in it’s list of How-to-be-a-Good-Buddhist, that I go to the local Temple for a number of hours to show my belief.

I know that it’s not entirely fair, all that I wrote, but It’s true.

One of the things that comes to mind when I think of a Buddhist is a peace-loving buddhist priest. I also think of Lisa Simpson. I also think of cool drawings done with sand, and Sand Gardens in larger form than the miniature one my sister made.

One of the things that I think of when I think of a Catholic/Christian priest, is  reverend, but in the back of my mind I’m also thinking of the guy who sentenced thousands of witches to the stake, the guy who supports a Pope who once blessed the guns of a regiment (and lo and behold, the reason why my mom isn’t religious!), the guy who tries to tell the kids sent to him that yes, it’s okay to love, but you’ll be sent to hell if you love someone of the same gender.

Other animals also can have the heart shape...

Not all religions have this negative bit of backstory, but what comes to mind comes to mind. I think of the nice things, the orphanages, the donations, the nice, happy, wonderful image… and then I think of the bombings, the hangings, the fires, the murders, the wars, the absolute crap that has come up because some guy doesn’t like the fact that those other guys aren’t practicing the same religion.

One of my biggest beefs with most religions is the belief that gays are doomed to some sort of hell because they like someone the same gender.

The heart, the symbol of love, was made up from the image of the ass of a woman as she bends over. Romantic, isn’t it?

But men can have very nice bums too.

For more on atheism and funny pictures, check out HERE

(*1 from earlier: I also don’t feel too bad admitting that I would rather hit a random stranger with a car than hit my dog with a car. Not to say I’ll go out and DO it, but there it is.) (*2 Holy frig, spelling error with me saying homophobia and not homosexuality! Thank you Lexy for pointing this out!)