Post Oral Surgery Texting is Frustrating

So if you read this post, you know that I got my wisdom teeth out and was panicking.

You should also know from it that I remember nothing of the ride back home (thanks dad and the drugs), but I was just looking at my phone and found that, in my drugged state, I had tried to text Lexy and my mom to tell them I was done.

To Lexy:

 me:  Gun
 Sent at 10:33 AM on Friday
So then. I was trying to say ‘done’. Because that’s nice and simple. I even managed it at the end, even with a little extra made it through, too. but fdone is still good.
Not quite what I tried sending mom, though…
To Mom:
me:  Junnkiyhhnifbviutt
Just fubufhed
 Victoria:  You done?
 me:  Ffuf guhuvdgdd diutxgffddd
D                                   <<<I think this whole bit was me thinking I could send it one letter at a time<<<<<<
Victoria:  K
Sleep. Stop texting
 me:  Fin
 Sent at 10:34 AM on Friday
So I think what I was trying to say was “Just finished”, and managed the ‘just’ once, and got… some of ‘finished’ written out when I tried sending one letter at a time…
also managed fin is rd, which sounds more like a shout in Skyrim rather than a word, but I’m giving drugged me an A for effort. Just there though.
Oh what fun it is to type when you’re drugged out of your mind….
And, you know, hilarious as that is, my mouth hurts and it hurts to smile, and my head feels like it’s full of cotton balls…. I should probably take a nap, but I have this worry I’ll never go to sleep at a normal time again if I do that, so I’m going to go back to Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Oh, and one more note, Lexy was nice enough to respond to my gibberish good-try texting with
Done?  Glad.  See you soon
 Sent at 11:04 AM on Friday
except she doesn’t say that I’ll be drugged to the gills, incoherent, passed out, and will not notice until close to 7pm that she, and indeed, the rest of the family have gone to my Aunt Christine’s Cottage.
They even took the dog…
But whatever, this’ll be a bit of a bonding weekend for Dad and I then 🙂
Lexy, Mom… more likely Lexy if she checks her e-mail while away, I’m doing fine, bloody spit is just as attractive and appealing as it sounds, pudding is good, sorbet is better, and I will see you guys when you get back 🙂
In a slight change in topic, I have just found out that, along with not being able to write fiction when I have had any sort of alcoholic beverage, I also cannot write fiction when I’m on pain medication and am bleeding from the mouth.
Edit: Also… now I’m all chubby cheeked.
Apparently the swelling happens well after the surgery is finished.
Unhappy chubby face

Video Vendredi


Hanging with Lexy, and she found this video.

A friend said that russian rap sounds ridiculous.

I agree, and this video isn’t russian rap…

But after the rap, we had to know that there was some other russian music other than the ridiculousness of a guy wearing a silver skull half-mask and thinking he’s the shit. ‘

Here it is.


Video Vendredi – Simon’s Cat

Hope you all enjoy 😀


P.S. Video Vendredi is where I post videos that I find amusing or spectacular or well done, and hope to share with other people. I didn’t make this wonderful bit of animation, and you can find more Simon’s Cat videos on YouTube

Video Vendredi – Vlogbrothers (John Green)

I get tired of mentioning John or Hank Green from Vlogbrothers and getting a blank look…

Lexy, this video is something John Green calls Question Tuesday on his (and his brothers) vlog, and he is honestly hilarious.

Hope you enjoy, check out John Green’s books HERE (yes, he’s a published author, and his books are amazing)

Check out the Vlogbrother channel HERE

A Nerdfighter is someone who, instead of being made out of cells and organs and whatnot, is made out of pure Awesome. Nerdfighter is like Freedom Fighter, in that they fight for Nerds, and this was made up during the earlier stages of Vlogbrothers, and most people become Nerdfighters because they follow John and Hank Green.

The Yeti mentioned in the video above is John’s wife, nicknamed as such because she doesn’t want to be in the videos. Hanks wife, The Katherine


Toby Turner is Tobuscus and is also awesome, and also plays games on TobyGames. Links to each of his 3 channels (he gets paid to make videos)

‘ship’ is you like the idea of two characters together in a relationship.

Wholock = Doctor Who and Sherlock. Apparently ‘shipped’. Another example of ‘shipping’ would be Johnlock (John/Sherlock) for any Sherlock related fandom, because I think everyone believes that there’s a bromance happening there. Other examples include Iron Man/Capt. America, Kirk/Spock, Naruto/Sasuke, and the reason why I’m using male/male ‘ships’ is because any time I hear about someone shipping two characters together, it’s usually two guys.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂

INTERESTING FACT!: Hank Green, John Green’s brother, is not actually named Hank. He’s William. His family just decided to call him Hank instead of what’s on  his birth certificate. I think it’s funny 😀

Video Vendredi – Of Wolves and Babies

Awesome, I’ve been sticking to this, eh?

Today’s video I found on DeviantArt. The person who made this used paper cut outs and shadows, and I thought this was pretty darn cool 🙂

It’s a play on all those stories about wolves stealing babies… Werewolf or otherwise. I always thought those myths seemed pretty silly. A wolf (or werewolf, whatever) managing to get into your house, steal your baby (rather than eat it right there), keep it alive while carrying it off (A wild animal carrying it by it’s swaddling maybe? And why would they want to keep it alive anyway?) until you have the chance to find the baby missing and hunt the wolf down. You may not find it, and all will be sad. You may find a lone wolf instead, and kill it as it was possibly obviously the one to kill the baby.


Real life? A wolf comes in, pisses on your floor, kills your baby, eats a great deal of it, and either you come home and freak out, or wolf goes away and you come home to freak out.

OR: You lost/sold your child, and go out in search (or in ‘search’) of it. Find a wolf and kill it if you can’t find (or ‘find’) the baby that you lost/sold.


But this short video is cool, with flute music that was used amazingly with shadow birds, the wolf, and other animals.

Hope you all enjoy! Have a happy Friday!

Also, it’s Friday the 13th? For all those superstitious, the reason why this day is supposedly ‘unlucky’ is because it was believed that there used to be 13 months, and witches would do some sort of horrific magic every week of this month. So, the calendar was shortened to only 12 months (solves the problem, doesn’t it? They HAVE to follow this new calendar), but since Friday the 13th came so rarely, it was possible that the witches could do this horrible magic on this day.

Unlucky, that.

Video Vendredi – Beanie Baby Hunger Games

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In honor of The Hunger Games that I missed watching when it came out due to a project I barely finished on time…

It made me smile… Also made me feel an intense need to buy beanie babies…


Also, for all who want to know what this is about, Video Vendredi is for interesting videos that you find during the week, or have suggested to you, or things that you find interesting. Things you thought were particularly well done. That sort of thing. Feel free to do it yourself!

Video Vendredi – The Music Box

Third Video Vendredi!

I’m going to have to retract what I said in the first, Lexy has Wordless Wednesdays, yes, but so do a number of people apparently.

I still like Video Vendredi though.

Perhaps I shall also do a Musical Monday, or some other alliteration to some other day of the week. Or month.

I don’t know…

Suggested to me by a friend, here is “The music Box”

Hope you enjoy 😀

Question for you: What genre of music would you want to have played to your actions?