But it goes “MLEEEGH”

I like sheeps.

Dem sheepsies love me too.

I understand why people would say that hey like certain animals, but I have to say that the small, wool wearing beasties (no, not Hobbitses) are my favourite.

I also like cows.

Yes I like dogs, and cats, but of the animals that you DON’T see almost every day, I have to say sheep and cows.

Bovine and ‘Baaaa’-vine, even though most sheep don’t actually say ‘baa’ but something closer to “MLEEEGH”, both are divine to me 😀

They’re just so cute, and cows run like I’d imagine a table would run (if it could run), and sheep are awesome enough to have a part in one song by Cake (Sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell).

"Do you think she knows that Tables can't run?" "Well, she seems to think that baked goods can compose songs, so I dunno...." "True dat, true dat..." "Don't you mean 'Moo dat?'" "Funny, Moo-erfluffer"

What’s your favourite non-conventional animal? Llamas are good too as many of you might be thinking, but Llama is becoming ven more conventional, conventional enough to have it’s own short-form (ftl or French the Llama)