My Solution to not Knitting

So, recently I was shown this video through an author who was, at the time, writing about a wood-carver and how he made drop spindles.

He (the character) grew up in an area where it wasn’t strange to know how to use a drop spindle, and the author provided a link to show what a drop spindle looks like, as well as showing how to use one.

And I think it would be cool.

I have coloured wool from an abandoned arts project I was planning on doing, but couldn’t figure out what I would make a picture of (trust me, it sounds stupid but I don’t want to explain it, if you’re really that curious ask in comments and I’ll explain), and all I would need is a drop spindle.

These things can come cheap, and if it’s the kind of hobby that I want to continue doing but with a better drop spindle, then I can get a better, fancier, more expensive one if I want.

I’ve tried knitting, and don’t have the patience (or apparently the ability to keep the mental how-to in my head long enough to be able) to knit for more than one day.

I admire my friends and family who CAN knit, but it is not for me.


But what if I could make wool?

Then… Then things would be different.

“Cool scarf sis, I believe that’s mine.”

“What? No, I made it, my scarf, I can make you one later.”

“Noooooo…. I got the wool, I made it into yarn, MY SCARF! BWAHAHA! And you thought I was being NICE letting you use my hours and hours of long work!”

So I decided to tell my Mom about this decision of mine, and I explained to her that I wasn’t much into knitting…

We talked about it a bit, and then, in my bid to make sure this sounds like a fantastic idea… I made a booboo. A tiny one.

“Besides, I really can’t take up knitting. If this house has any more yarn in it it’ll explode!”

Oh, the look Mom gave me…

Anyway, I’ll post pictures of what will undoubtedly be knotted and lumpy yarn, and live in hope that these pictures will soon be of regular, non-lumpy/knotted yarn.


(Lexy, If I make enough of it for you to use, I would like any possible future scarf to be mine, but in the time it would take you to make one, I would likely have enough practice and time to make you more, and in your colour of choice. Keep that in mind. :D)

My Mom Knows About my Blog and Won’t Read It!

My Mom knows about my blog, and I was the one who sent her the link.

I decided to blog so that i could keep in touch with the family on the random thoughts side of things, so that they wouldn’t get out of touch. I find it works as i read Lexy’s stuff as it comes up in my e-mail, and am Informed.

But I sent it to the family, and only Lexy ever reads it.

I don’t write anything that I fear telling my parents any more than I write anything that would be a Bad Thing to tell my sister. My parents are pretty cool with whatever I tell them, and it’s not as if I’m going to blog about something uncomfortable (so sorry, if you were expecting any of my posts to be about the many many illicit affairs and orgies I partake in, you’ll be disappointed :|)

She asked how it would work, and those of you reading think know that it’s fairly simple.

I also told my mom that she wouldn’t even have to click something different if she wanted to see if there was something new; she would just have to click this ONE link.

I understand why she might be leery of the ordeal (le gasp, she’s written about ME!?), and I can understand if she doesn’t want to read all the crap that I have written, but I would like her to have at least checked out ONE post.

I finally got her to read one of my posts, the one where I have a video that I made myself, going on about the grossness of my shedding roomy, and I’m glad, because she now knows about this, and this is something that I don’t remember most of the time to write about in the e-mails that I send to the fam-jam.

Again, I started this because I though, hey, cool, I can write about what’s going on and then have my family be like “Aha, I know what’s going on!”

Also, if I make more videos, they can se that I’m not smash-faced and pierced and blah-ed myself to unrecognizability. That’s a word, I swear.

Has anyone else tried to get their family to read their log?