Morning? No, I must have slept in…

Today I woke up at 6 and freaked out.

I had slept through the entire day! What the hell? Why does this happen to me? I also wondered why I wasn’t too hungry, but dismissed it.

Also, My friend had asked me to grab her some booze since I’d be going to the LCBO anyway (and, since she lives in Ottawa, her parents want her to visit tonight :S), and I didn’t do it!!! Dammit! So I texted her to say sorry.

Then I checked my e-mail, checked Facebook, all the usual things, and wondered why there was so little activity.

Did no one actually notice that I was out of action the whole day? The hell?

I checked the date, and sure enough it wasn’t the 11th anymore. I checked my texts, and the last ones were from yesterday…

Then I noticed that there was more light than the usual coming from my window.


Oooooh… I see…

When I checked my phone to check the time again, I finally noticed the little AM next to the time.


Then I realized just how BAD that is. Aside from the not checking for am vs pm thing…

Yes, I freaked out appropriately about the sleeping the whole day.

Then I freaked out about not getting booze…

I feel more like a university student this morning than I have for a while…

I also realized that I hadn’t even considered that it might just be 6am. That it might be morning.

I skipped that possibility entirely for the OH MY GOD reaction of having slept for THAT long.

I also just had to text my friend again to say that Never Mind, I Was Mistaken About The Time…

So this will be interesting meal conversation later…


So here is my Fail of the day. Hope you all enjoyed 😛

I think it’s pretty funny, even though I’m not looking forward to being teased about it later today 😀

Happy Thursday.

They got HOTT!?

You know how on Facebook you can click to see people who you might know?

Well, a lot of the people I DON’T, and a good portion I DO know, but am not going to send a friend request because, frankly, I know them because I’ve seen them or because they’re in my class, not because they’re actually friends or friendly.

Well, I was looking through the expanded list, when I saw a profile pic that made me stop and thing “No way, that’s S??”

He grew out of his kind of cartoonish face, and decided to work out.

I haven’t seen this guy for about 3 years, as he switched schools just after grade 9, and now he looks like this?!?

I had to see if that was some new development, so I clicked on his profile.



Holy Frig do I love those random why-would-you-think-this-would-be-good-for-a-profile-pic chest pictures.

He has definitely been working out.



Just, wow.

A major change from the 5 years that I’ve known him, and just, wow.

I do love the hunky guys my own age… I’m certain that if I creeped through other profiles, I would find more of these hunky I-used-to-know-you guys, but S is hunky in a way that he has a nice face AND body, and unless he’s changed a LOT over the years (and his U of T studentness says that he hasn’t), he’s a smart, nice guy.

I’m happy for him. His tall lankyness filled out wonderfully 😀 I certainly feel like a perv.

Mom, if you EVER read this, please remember that it’s YOU who complains about the lack of grandchildren any time soon, and YOU are the one who commented that our neighbour had nice shoulders when he poked his head out the window a couple of years ago.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.