Here and Happy :D

I’ve been home since Friday (it is now Tuesday), and you can never realize quite how much you missed your family until they’re around you for a couple of hours and you start to think about how in a week you’ll be back on a train and going back to Ottawa.

Or wherever you happen to be visiting home from.

I have had a couple of homemade meals now, they were all delicious not-cafeteria-food food, I have learned that the habit of not caring who’s in the washroom has stayed with the Mom, and a tolerance has developed in Lexy.

The other night Lexy and I had to share the washroom (I brush teeth while she does business, then switch), and she finished brushing her teeth and left the bathroom, turning off the lights and closing the door behind her.

“Um, Hello? Thanks for that?”

She comes back and laughs (it is kind of funny :D) and turns back on the light.

It’s a rather small washroom, so it wasn’t like I was going to get lost or anything, but I don’t like having the light turned off on me, and I haven’t had to pee in the dark since during the summer and using an outhouse at night.

I don’t want to pee in the dark again if I don’t have to.

Later on, she admits to me, while we are both laughing in that way that says you-have-to-be-there, that she had turned out the lights in the automatic way that develops after you’ve done something for as long as you remember, and then when she left she closed the door because she thought that I would want some privacy/ wouldn’t want the door open.

Turn off light and close door to give the occupant of the now-dark room some privacy.

Because I obviously don’t want others to know what I’m doing in the dark of the washroom 😀

*sigh* it’s situations like these that you can only have with family that make you think about how you haven’t had a situation like that in about 2 months.

It’s sad to think that you’ll have to go longer without, but also gives you good blog fodder.

I love being home.

Cheers 😀