Being Betrayed by Strangers: The Invisible Audience

I was going to work more on a couple of posts I’ve been writing for the past couple of days, one being a sort-of follow up to my last post on stress, and others more silly a something Lexy and I talked of, but here I am writing this.

I don’t know how many people go out and read unfinished or finished works by strangers on the internet–silly, I know, considering I’m currently writing to an invisible audience who may have already left for another site by now–but I’m going to assume that we all have people who we like to read from.

And it really is reading FROM.

It feels like Grammar will soon come up to me and give me a good smack for that, but you are reading what strangers have put out to the Invisible Audience, born from their imaginations.

How they put things, how they see things, how they cope with what has happened, we read it and we judge it and we decide if we like it or not, and if we read enough of it, we like enough of what we’ve read, like how they’ve written, we become fans.

We read more.

We like them more, FOR reading of their ideas.

We develop this faith in them, not like a religion, but like a childs’ faith that Santa exists, or their faith that Adults (particularly Parents) know pretty much everything and can always tell when you’ve done something You Shouldn’t Have Done.

This faith says that they will continue to write things you like.

They, this stranger you have put faith into, will continue producing this writing quality you enjoy.

I don’t know WHAT yo end up reading online, you could read news articles, you could read blogs, you could read published books that may have been put onto the internet with or without permission, you could read fanfiction, porn, ads, tweets, facebooks updates…

I really don’t know, but guaranteed you have a site that you go to regularly, or a writer you check up on often, or SOMETHING that keeps you coming back….

Because you have faith that they will continue putting something you find interesting and GOOD online.

The way it develops for most people, I believe, is that you read one thing from them, this Stranger, that you like.

So you check out other things of theirs that they’ve posted.

I find myself doing this the most on

I read a story I like and check out what else the writer has posted on their profile.

I don’t read EVERYTHING of theirs, no, but if they have written something for a fandom that I like, and the plot summary or teaser interests me, I will read more of what they’ve written.

In some cases, like what prompted me to start writing this particular post, I like what I’ve read of what they’ve written that I decide to click on the stories that they’ve put up in a fandom I like that I don’t think seems particularly interesting.

I caught myself doing this for an author called esama (BETRAYAL! s/he’s moved all her fics and it’s taken me this long to find them HERE!) after reading a good deal of this Strangers Sherlock stories that I decided that I like how they portray the characters, I like how they’ve used certain crossovers, I like pretty much everything.

So I started reading one story that I didn’t think looked that interesting, and then decided it was really good. Went onto the next one that I thought didn’t look interesting, and decoded I really liked it.

On the third one, which is just now in another tab, waiting for me to get this thought out of my head before reading it, it crossed my mind that right now, I’m expecting this story to be good, I expect to be adding it to my ‘favourites’ list, and I expect that I will be extremely disappointed in this author if this doesn’t turn out to be awesome.

I mean, I already have this author on my subscriptions list, and on my favourites list, what if this turns out to be a BAD story? What if it’s total crap?

I don’t know that it’s crap at the moment, as I haven’t read it yet, but I feel like I would be feeling pretty betrayed if this author who I don’t know doesn’t live up to my expectations.

I know that betrayed may not be the right word, but disappointed may also work if you don’t want to admit that the inner 5-year-old inside of you that judges everything would feel betrayed–betrayed in the same way as I remember being when my Dad refused to tell me what something meant and directed me to a dictionary, the same way I know I felt betrayed when, in that last year of desperately believing in Santa Clause I decided to give him one last chance to prove he was real, and he failed. Because in my mind, if Santa was really as amazing as everyone said he was, he would get the letter I left out for him on Christmas night and produce whatever it was I put on that letter even on such short notice.

Of course Santa is real, but he has more of a business happening, wheer he reads your mind and puts gifts in stores for family members to buy.

But that’s a theory for another post.

But the faith that we all put into strangers still amazes me.

The following that some writers get is staggering…

Or, if you’re more of a YouTube person, consider the vloggers out there.

You hit that subscribe button figuring that they will continue giving you the entertainment you are looking for.

Sure, you get a sort of relationship with people over the internet, reviewing/commenting and giving your opinion on what they have displayed for the Invisible Audience, but they are still, essentially, strangers.

And yet, on YouTube I get excited when one of my comments gained 21 thumbs up…

Strangers are fun…

The internet is a wonderful place, I think…

My Mom Knows About my Blog and Won’t Read It!

My Mom knows about my blog, and I was the one who sent her the link.

I decided to blog so that i could keep in touch with the family on the random thoughts side of things, so that they wouldn’t get out of touch. I find it works as i read Lexy’s stuff as it comes up in my e-mail, and am Informed.

But I sent it to the family, and only Lexy ever reads it.

I don’t write anything that I fear telling my parents any more than I write anything that would be a Bad Thing to tell my sister. My parents are pretty cool with whatever I tell them, and it’s not as if I’m going to blog about something uncomfortable (so sorry, if you were expecting any of my posts to be about the many many illicit affairs and orgies I partake in, you’ll be disappointed :|)

She asked how it would work, and those of you reading think know that it’s fairly simple.

I also told my mom that she wouldn’t even have to click something different if she wanted to see if there was something new; she would just have to click this ONE link.

I understand why she might be leery of the ordeal (le gasp, she’s written about ME!?), and I can understand if she doesn’t want to read all the crap that I have written, but I would like her to have at least checked out ONE post.

I finally got her to read one of my posts, the one where I have a video that I made myself, going on about the grossness of my shedding roomy, and I’m glad, because she now knows about this, and this is something that I don’t remember most of the time to write about in the e-mails that I send to the fam-jam.

Again, I started this because I though, hey, cool, I can write about what’s going on and then have my family be like “Aha, I know what’s going on!”

Also, if I make more videos, they can se that I’m not smash-faced and pierced and blah-ed myself to unrecognizability. That’s a word, I swear.

Has anyone else tried to get their family to read their log?

N.E.R.D is not a Bad Word.

I was thinking about how it seems as though my new friends have to now learn to equate Nerd with a good thing, as I use the word (as a good thing) constantly.

“What’s up?” “Nm, just nerding out and watching anime.” O_0

“hahaha” “hahaha, we’re such nerds” ….. 0_O

I honestly don’t see being a nerd as a bad thing, and in fact believe that it’s more of a compliment, but I don’t really remember that other people don’t quite see it as a compliment, and it takes them a minute to realize that I’m not being a jerk, or mean, or whatever. But my friends are learning now 😀

So I was thinking, how could it be put so that it would seem like a better thing?

Aha! Why not make it into an acronym?

Acronyms are cool. They are, really.

So Sanity pipes up with “Never, Ending…”

I say “Ride…. Never ending ride of… d…”

and Insanity says “DOOM!”

Immediately other sich d-words pop into my head.

Doom. Destruction. Disbelief. Detrimental. Duh.

None of these words will help in the process to make Nerd not be a Bad Word.

Huh. Nerd not be a bad word sounds a bit like a weird alliteration.

Alliteration is cool too.

Other D words, after some thought, would be Delight, or Daisy… or…

Well, Never Ending Ride of Delight sounds too weird in a way that even makes me laugh and think “aha, um, seriously? no.”

So maybe an Acronym wouldn’t be the best…

Aha! A spokesperson! That would be good…

So I Googled “Hot Nerd”, and saw the perfect spokesperson to why being a nerd, or being nerdy, isn’t a bad thing.

Aah, David Tennant...

He’s been in Harry Potter (Barty Crouch Jr.), Doctor Who (the 10th Dr. Who), Hamlet (as Hamlet, and he even got to act with Patrick Stewart), voice acted in How to Train Your Dragon (was Spitelout), played Casanova in the Casanova miniseries (in I think 2005?), is Peter in Fright Night, and has been in SOOO many different things, but is still a nerd! look him up on iMDb if you don’t believe me.

How can you even THINK that being a nerd would be a bad thing if we’ve got David Tennant on our side?

And thus, all arguments are defeated.

(Here are some Harry Potter Pickup Lines for the newly accepting of nerdlyness readers! >> HERE <<)

Kind of Weird, but like The Addams Family Weird. Huh.

Detektivbyrån is a band that I’ve heard of through my Dads favourite radio station, Radio Paradise. The first song by them that I’ve heard was E 18, and it’s still one of my favourite songs by them, and through the wonder of YouTube  other songs by them have been added to what I’ve been listening to while reading essays and looking at Arguments. (not quarrels, Arguments. You learn the difference in one of my classes).

Also through the wonders of YouTube, I’ve found a video where it shows a live performance by Detektivbyrån, and through it all I had the kind of reaction that means I’ve found something that I will likely never forget, will watch/read over and over again, and will obsessively try to get other people to read/watch so that I could have talks about this Thing That Is Awesome.

This Thing That is Awesome was one of the possible titles for this blog post.

Here is the video.

The reaction I had while watching this was a slight frown, nodding my head and smiling, and a constant interchange of thoughts that went along the lines of “Aah. This is good. Hm. This is good. Huh. Hmm…. Aah.”

All at once.

I don’t know how common a reaction to this video that is, but it’s something that occurred to me at the end of my third time watching it.

They made me think of The Addams Family, and not just because of the bald (very White) drummer, or the emo cut hair of the other two, or the enthusiasm and odd tiltings-of-head that they have going for them.

It was kind of a mix of all of that, along with the fact that they have some downright chipper music, that I think that the Addams’ would be able to dance the Mamushka to, but would also not be out-of-place being played at the Cirque Du Solei, or at any other kind of circus.

So they’re weird (Weird) but in an Addams Family way, and are awesome and Weird enough that I am trying to get more fans to their music so that people will comment and I can have conversations over the internet with them about how awesome they are.

There are so very few things that I’ve found that can be This thing That Is Awesome in the subcategory of In This Way. It’s been mostly in the Way of things that remind me in some Way of the Addams Family, or are actually connected to the Addams Family (buh dum dum dum, tch tch (or snap snap if you wanna get physical :D) buh dum dum dum, tch tch)

Buh dum dum dum, Buh dum dum dum,Buh dum dum dum, Tch Tch

One such thing that I suggest to for anyone who is a Harry Potter Fan and enjoys reading the ‘What if’ Harry Potter Alternate Universe stories, I would suggest you going onto and going to kyaru-chan’s page and reading her Harveste Addams series.

Harveste, my favourite, is the first, and you can read the others by clicking on her profile page. The summary does nothing for it, I think, but It’ll have you smiling and frowning and smiling again, and then reading it again, for all that it’ hardly a few pages long. (summary: He’s done it. He’s just five years old, but he’s finally done it. The Dursleys are gone. And now he’s with a new family who seems just as twisted as he is. How strange.)

It’s all smiley frownage up to and past the first ‘cara mia’ that’s spoken.

This post has inspired me to go find The Addams Family movies, and watch them. Now.

Buh dum dum dum, Tch Tch

Anyone else have anything that could fit into any This Thing That Is Awesome category? And what sort of sub-categories do you have?