Inexplicably Sad.

I don’t know why, but after I post a new chapter to a story, or even after posting a short story like I did before this post…

I feel kind of bad. 

Not in a moral or physical way, but sort of emotionally bereft? I dunno. 

I just spent ages and ages working on this thing, and there, I just posted it… 

Now what?

I just posted a new chapter for my story Too Tired To Wink, which I actually don’t feel like linking to, you can find it on if you feel the need, and for this story I decided that I would post a chapter only once the word count has reached 10k…. this way I have a set limit, and since the limit is so large, I get a couple of things out of it. 

1) I don’t feel like a shit person for making people wait so long for an update and gave them 3 pages of nothing

2) Though I do anyway, in 10k a lot of plot happens and I have to keep thinking about what will need to happen for this or that to happen, so I have a chance to put reasonable foreshadow in

3) I don’t go through any of that waffling of if something’s done or not. When I’m reaching or have surpassed 10k, I find a place to stop. It’s like reaching that point of night where you’re like “Well, this book doesn’t actually have chapters….” and you just figure out the best stop to hold off at. 

But though it’s good to finish a chapter–good to finish a story–there’s still some weird blankness after posting. 

I feel like having a break from writing, and I want to hear feedback, and… and I really don’t feel like doing much else. 

So, in the wake of T3W’s third chapter, I’m writing this. 

Just feeling a bit morose. Inexplicably sad.